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What to expect?

The program is broken into three phases:

  • Recovery
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Transition and Work Skills Development


A typical week at Grace Academy includes:

  • Individual and group studies
  • Work duties
  • Character development
  • Recreation and social activities


Once a student has successfully completed the residential program and reintegrated into society, ATC WA at Grace Academy, Adult & Teen Challenge offers graduates a number of programs to ensure their transition back into everyday life is a success.

Where is the program held?

The Program takes place at Grace Academy, near the Western Australian town of Esperance. Situated on 250 acres of farm land, it consists of a 40 bed facility, with male and female accommodation, classrooms, library, lecture facility, cafeteria, chapel and office. The property also has a large lake, a gymnasium and a grassed area which is used for sporting activities.

The regional location allows students to take that first step in separating themselves from the influences of their past life in order to move forward. Throughout the program, students will be provided a variety of teaching topics regarding a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. This gives students the opportunity to learn new skills that will assist them in re-integrating, following the successful completion of the program.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Conditions of entry to the program:

Prospective students will be required to attend an interview at our Perth Office between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excluded). Perth Office Line: (08) 9246 5777

  • Fill out required ATC WA paperwork, and attach any necessary certificates, including:
  • ATC WA Medical Assessment to be filled out by your GP.
  • Income statement from Centrelink.

Agree to hand over-all personal devices upon entering the program, including phone, laptop, tablet etc., anything that can be used to communicate with someone outside of the program. ‘Hero Mail’ (which is sent and received through the management team based at Grace Academy), is available to ATC WA students and their families/loved ones to communicate.

How much does it cost?

We have a once off non-refundable $450 induction payment due once you have been given an entry dateStudents are required to be on a Centrelink payment, once in the program ATC WA becomes your payment and correspondence nomineeYour full Centrelink payment is paid to ATC WA and this contributes to the cost of your stay in the programStudents will be given a weekly allowance, starting at $20 per week, for personal items such as toiletries.  

How long is the wait list?

Time frame can range from 2 weeks to 3 months dependent on bed availability

How do I get into the program?

We are a self-referral programThis means you need to call the head office on 9246 5777 and book in for an assessmentNo one else can book an appointment on your behalf. 

Do I need a referral?

No, we are a self-referral program. 

Do you take people from prison?

We do not take people directly from the prison system, they need to be released back into their community for a minimum of 2 weeks before being eligible for entry to the programWe do not provide parole or support letters. 

What is your method for detox?

We are a cold-turkey detox programFor those requiring a medical detox (subject to initial assessment) a referral to Next Step will be available. 

How long is the program?

The ATC WA program takes between 12-14 months to complete.   

Can I smoke cigarettes?

No, we do not allow smoking or vapingNicotine patches may be used for the first month in the program.  Students will need to provide their own patches and have a reduction plan from their GP. 

Do you take people with mental health issues?

Yes, we doDepending on the severity of the diagnosis, a letter from your psychiatrist/psychologist will be needed to confirm your suitability for the program. 

Can my spouse/partner and I enter together?

No, we do not allow partners or spouses into the program at the same time.