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Addiction Awareness

Addiction Awareness

Addiction Awareness is a seminar aimed at educating our local community on the dangers of life controlling addictions and also give positive solutions that will encourage and equip you. This seminar is for anyone with a drug or alcohol abuse problem and for the parents, spouse, partner and other friends or family members who support them.

Addiction is an epidemic sweeping through our community that isn’t prejudiced against class, race, age or gender. We see it destroying lives, robbing children of their parents, and parents of their children, tearing families apart. We are witnessing firsthand the damaging effect addiction is having on our community and at Adult & Teen Challenge WA we are passionate about “putting hope in reach” for families and their loved ones.

    What to expect?

    The Addiction Awareness Seminar will help you to:

    • Understand the dynamics that can lead to a person taking drugs or alcohol in the first place.
    • What keeps a person trapped in this destructive addiction
    • Find positive intervention strategies to help a person to break free.

    The types of topics covered in the Addiction Awareness Seminar include:

    • How Addiction Develops
    • The phases of Addiction
    • How to spot the warning Signs
    • What can I do?
    • The Process of Change
    • Enabling or Helping
    • Establishing Healthy Boundaries
    • How to start a conversation