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Paul’s story

Adult Teen Challenge | Western Australia

New Hope for Paul

Paul’s life was broken by a decade long struggle with alcohol. As his addiction worsened his life began to spiral more and more out of control. A string of drink driving charges even led to jail time. But the thing that hurt Paul the most was broken relationships. That pain led to more drinking; and more drinking led to two car accidents at the start of 2019. One was so serious that it cost Paul his job.

 His life had hit rock bottom. Paul, remembering his faith from when he was younger, cried out to God. And then something quite amazing happened. Paul reconnected with a friend who he hadn’t seen for over 30 years. She told Paul about Adult & Teen Challenge and he jumped straight on the phone to join the program.


The path towards freedom from addiction is never a straight one. After starting in the program in late 2019, Paul left Esperance after ten months without finishing. He found himself still wanting to please others. One day after drinking heavily, Paul found himself looking up at two strangers. He had blacked out trying to cross Wanneroo Road and was nearly hit by a car. This time Paul knew he needed to finish what he started.

 In June 2021 he returned to the Adult & Teen Challenge program. With Paul’s permission, we have reproduced part of a letter of thanks he wrote. Like Paul, we praise God for what He has done, not only in Paul’s life, but hundreds of others.